Studentische Darlehnskasse Berlin e.V.

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Loan applications may be submitted to us in any month on the dates indicated.

Approval deadline for Juni:

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More information: How it works

Disbursement takes place quickly after signing the loan agreement

Award independent of number of semesters and degree program

No age limit

Nonprofit for over 73 years

Fast and unbureaucratic. From students for students.

Interest rates customary below the capital market

General information

What we do.

We support students in financing their studies. Our student loan is awarded regardless of age, number of semesters studied, and subject studied. Regardless of whether you are studying full-time, part-time or part-time - as long as you are enrolled at one of our member university, you can apply for a student loan from the Studentische Darlehnkasse e.V.. In addition, we also support mandatory internships, the practical year and semesters abroad.


• Bachelor, Master, Diplom, Magister, Examen (it does not matter in which semester you are)
• Promotion
• Mandatory internship
• Semester abroad
• Practical year (only relevant for medical students at the Charité)

We pay out between 100 and 750 euros per month, depending on your wishes and needs. An additional one-time payment of up to 1,500 euros for study-related purchases is also possible. The payment period is limited to 3 years (6 semesters). The maximum limit for the total amount is 27,000 euros. Which phase of your studies you are in at the time of application is irrelevant for the application.

The student loan is offered at a fixed interest rate. Apart from the interest, there are no further costs or processing fees. The loan bears interest at 3,95% p.a in the 1. year, 3,95% p.a. in the 2. year and 4,95% p.a. in the 3. year.

After the end of the disbursement phase, a six-month grace period begins. The rate of repayment in the first year is 125 EUR if the loan amount is less than 9,000 EUR. If the loan amount is between 9,001 to 18,000 EUR, it is 150 EUR. From a loan amount of 18,001 EUR, the first installment is 175 EUR. The rate of repayment increases annually by 25 EUR.
You can use the student loan calculator to do a trial calculation of the repayment of your desired loan.
Repaying the loan flexibly, free unscheduled repayments possible: We take the borrower's financial situation into account and usually accept deviating and individual repayment agreements, provided you submit a written request for changes to the Repayment rate with the corresponding evidence. Moreover, unscheduled repayments are possible at any time in any amount - and above all free of charge! -possible.

The student loan is secured by one (or two) directly enforceable guarantee(s). For a loan amount of up to EUR 9,000, one guarantor is required. If the amount is higher, two guarantors are required. Instead of the sureties, a bank guarantee can also be submitted as an option.

Requirements for the guarantee:
• Between 18 and 60 years old
• unbeschränkt geschäftsfähige Personen
• Persons with unlimited legal capacity
• No spouses
• Net income of at least 1.450 EUR / month
• German or EU citizens with permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany
• Non-EU citizens who are in possession of a settlement permit or an unlimited residence permit for the Federal Republic of Germany and who have a permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germa

The guarantees must be submitted in a certified form. Copies of the identity card or passport must be enclosed with the declaration. (plus certificate of registration) must be enclosed. In addition, we require a copy of the last three proofs of income (alternatively the current tax assessment)..
As this is an unlimited, unconditional, directly enforceable and irrevocable guarantee, it cannot be terminated. However, it is possible for us to release a guarantor from the guarantee if a new guarantor is provided.

Loan calculator

The sample invoice does not constitute a binding offer by Studentische Darlehnskasse e.V..